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ALABBADI, Faisal Saleb, e outros
International responsibility arising from cyberattacks in the light of the contemporary international law [Recurso eletrónico] / Faisal Saleh Alabbadi, Emad Mohammad Al Amaren, Sultan Ibrahim Aletein
International Journal of Cyber Criminology, Vol. 16, n. 1 (January-June 2022), p. 156-169
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Cyberattacks are committed by one or more people using a computer equipped with many viruses. The damage can be physical or moral. Cyberattacks are also often attacks on the information system with the purpose of changing, adding, or falsifying data, causing the disruption of a computer, or destroying information programs, whether economic, commercial, or military. This paper aimed to identify the international responsibility in incidents of cyberattacks in the light of contemporary international law. The study used a thematic content analysis research design to identify a few constructs namely legal adaptations of cyber-attacks, technological development; jurisprudence and international responsibility. The data was collected through juridical and descriptive methods from documentation and other legal sources. The study found that countries lack cyber legislation, there are significant legal gaps it is very difficult to place cyberattacks within the existing international legal framework. The study recommends that nations should work to achieve cyber security and preserve the rights resulting from the legitimate use of computers and information networks. It is also necessary to address the legislative gaps in fighting cybercrime and the necessity of enacting legislation that covers this gap to reach safe cyberspace.